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Mini Foil RMS

This unique RMS HONEY Matrix for 9" foil balloons was custom made for George Quintero of Balloon Haven to use for 16' x 24' American flags to last for weeks in shopping malls.




RMS Custom Umbrellas

A unique set of interlocking RMS Umbrellas made especially for Peggy Alperin helped her to create this 14'outer shell for her mobile, celestial creations inside.




RMS #350 Strips

A unique RMS Matrix for #350 balloons was used by David Grist and Colin Myles to make the sails on this 20' pirate ship.




  Visit our online Rouse Matrix Store for convenient "Browse & Buy" shopping for our standard RMS Expand-And-Load frameworks for balloon graphics, sculpture and decorations.
We custom create unique Rouse Matrix System (RMS) balloon frameworks for unique balloon decorating needs.  Three examples are discussed below.  Review them, then call us for your next "special" project.
George Quintero of Balloon Haven in Chino, California, USA wanted to do several large American flags for shopping malls.  He needed them to be light weight for hanging in the malls. He wanted them to last like designs of air filled foil ballons.  He liked our Super Builders but he wanted more detail than he could achieve with the 18" foil balloons.

We created a new HONEY (honeycomb) Matrix sized for 9" round foil balloons.  It turned out a perfect fit for the job and George has used it again.  See the Flag photo to the upper left.  If it fits your needs, you may now order this Matrix for yourself from our Rouse Matrix Store. If you need something you do not see, ask us to design a custom framework just for you. Call 1 877 GO-ROUSE toll free in the USA.

Peggy Alperin, CBA of Anything Balloons & Flowers, Beverly, MA, USA wanted to create a unique competition piece for IBAC 2001 (International Balloon Arts Convention).  She needed an outer shell to house her mobile, celestial creations.  It was possible to construct such a form on a small scale with our RMS Umbrellas but she needed 14' in diameter, not 7'.  And she wanted to use film balloons rather than latex for the outer structure.

We created a new interlocking, Umbrella sized for 18" foil balloons to fit her design requirements.  These "puffed pentagons" locked together without tools to create a 14' ball (a truncated icosahedron) that required no rigid framing to establish and maintain its shape.

Peggy succeeded in creating her unique and beautiful design and gave us another form available to you through our Custom Catalog.

David Grist, CBA & Colin Myles, CBA of Rainbow Balloons, Worksop, England wanted a better way to hold # 350 balloons in place to make the sails on his large pirate ship for the IBAC 2001 competition.

David sometimes spent half of his time on the skill demanding tasks of installing, adjusting and repairing the sails.  He needed to simplify the process so he could make better use of volunteer help.

We created sets of #350 Matrix Strips to solve the problem.  David reported that the new system was so simple and effective that he was able to turn the sails over, for the most part, to volunteers.  David was then able to focus attention on aspects of his magnificent sailing vessel which might have otherwise been neglected.

You can reap the benefits of this new technology, now available for # 260 as well as #350 balloons, in our Custom Catalog.



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