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"Happy Holidays

To You & Yours."

Graham &

Mary Queen Rouse


Simple Santa
Simple Christmas Tree

Illustration of Santa Face made from balloons in heart shape.


"Santa Heart Face"

G. Rouse 2006

Here is a simple way to make a Santa face with an RMS Heart. 

  • Fill in the RMS Heart framework with round balloons according to the color pattern above.

  • Add eyebrows and mustache with glued on sections of white # 160 or # 260 balloons. 

  • Use a section of red #260 for the lips. 

  • Color in the eyes with markers or stick on pieces of plastic or paper.

  • Make the white balloon tassel on top by tying it to the red balloon or the Matrix strap.

You may make this Santa Face with an RMS 2', 3' or larger Flat Heart. 

Winter Sports

Illustration of layout for balloon sports jersey


"Vikings Jersey"

by Dale Moore


Dale Moore of Andon Balloons sent in this design for a sports jersey. Dale used these colors for the Minnesota Vikings and different colors on the back for the opposing team .  This basic layout could be useful for sports year round and not just the winter holiday season.

This design may be made with two RMS Banners (4 Banner Panels) for one of the two back-to-back jerseys.  It would be a little less than 6' by 6'.  You could make it twice as wide and tall by using RMS Builders instead of Banners.

Dale uses a number of "Split Apertures" in his design to get straight lines where the lines would otherwise be bumpy.  You will find links below to instructions for split apertures and links to other useful references as well.

Dale is one of the first RouseABOUT Graphics Grads.  He has won a number of awards at design competitions in the USA.  Thanks, Dale ,for sharing this design with us.


.Photo of Balloon Christmas Tree with RMS framework


"Christmas Tree"

G. Rouse 2006

This is a simple design for a Christmas Tree.  You can make it about 3.5' tall by using an RMS Banner and a Mini-Matrix version of the RMS 5 Pointed Star.  The same design turns out about 7' tall when you use RMS Builders and a 2' version of the RMS 5 Pointed Star on top.

Load balloons in the triangle tree pattern and then cut around it with scissors.  Be sure to include the five balloons for the tree trunk.  Add the five pointed star on top.  You may tie the star in place or use adhesive.

We recommend making the tree double layer for added strength, "presence" and to facilitate supporting framework between layers.  The added space between layers is also useful to hide electric wires for miniature Christmas lights.

RouseABOUTs In Milwaukee


"Pialena's Snowflake"
G. Rouse 2006

RouseABOUTs were in Milwaukee for the RouseABOUT Fall Balloon Graphics Seminar 2006.  Pialena Ander came all the way from Sweden for the seminar.  Here, she shows off a snowflake she made as part of the lessons early in the seminar.

All the RouseABOUT students stayed to help with production of the Balloon-A-Palooza exhibit that followed.  In fact, RouseABOUT Graphics Grads made up the vast majority of the volunteer manpower for the Balloon-A-Palooza Workshop.  Thanks, RouseABOUTS.

Balloon-A-Palooza is the creation of one of the first RouseABOUT Graphics Grads and winner of a variety of design competitions around the USA, Carmen Ballering.  This was only the second year for Balloon-A-Palooza and early reports suggest over 12,000 visitors to the exhibit.  Congratulations Carmen!

And, an added "THANKS" to Betallic for all the balloons used this year.

IBA Balloon & Party Convention

The IBA Balloon & Party Convention is coming up February 22-25, 2007 in Chicago, IL, USA.  Check it out at

Graham & Mary Queen Rouse are scheduled to present several classes including

  • "SPEED GRAPHICS" How To Make Balloon Graphics Easier, Faster and Cut Your Balloon Graphics Labor In Half. 

Watch For Details - Then Join Us in Chicago.



Rouse International is bumping IT up a notch in the Summer of 2007 in Las Vegas.  We will be introducing:

  • New, ways for decorators and twisters to use connected balloons or twisted bubbles for graphics and sculpture;

  • New, software for balloon decorators and twisters to plan and present their graphic designs;

  • New Balloon Sculpture Curriculum .

  • And that is not all !!!

Watch For Details - Then Join Us in Las Vegas.


RouseABOUT's Nativity Scene -  200,000 Balloons

  Congratulations to Marta Hernandez of Madrid, Spain on the successful completion of her 200,000 balloon project in Madrid.  Marta is one of the first RouseABOUT Graphics Grads in Spain (October of 2006). Check out the photos and newspaper article at  

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G. Rouse 2006 -  All Rights Reserved - December 11, 2006

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