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Balloon Convention

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AUG. 2-5, 2007





Special on Puffed Hearts Through Feb. 12, 2007


Early Birds    SAVE  $100    Thru  Feb. 1, 2007

Register Now !  The deadline is Feb. 1, 2007 to get the $100.00 Early Bird savings on registration for the IBA Balloon & Party Convention Feb. 22-25, 2007 in Chicago, IL, USA. 

It is going to be great!  Sign up now at:  We look forward to seeing  each and every one of you there.

Major Convention Bonus -  IBA Keynote Speaker Richard Aaron

Richard Aaron


I can't tell you how excited I am that Richard Aaron is our keynote speaker at the IBA Convention. Y'all may not know Richard, but having him keynote for us is a major coup for the IBA. It was life changing for me to hear Richard speak.  I am certain he will impact your life as well.  (By the way, have you registered for the IBA Convention  yet?)

I don't know anyone, except maybe Treb Heining, who is as respected in the Balloon Industry, the way Richard is in the Event Industry. While Treb is considered a guru and visionary in our world, Richard is considered THE Event Industry guru and visionary. Both are hailed as pioneers in creating the modern balloon and event professions as we know them today.

To take things a step further, not only has Richard produced literally thousands of Fortune 500 events, he has his finger in every piece of the Event and Hospitality Industry pies. This is so important, because part of his life's work is to create better consistency, and therefore excellence, among the various associated industries.... and this includes the Balloon Industry!

If you join The Special Event Society (ISES), Richard Aaron's influence will be there. If you join Meeting Planners international (MPI), Richard Aaron's influence will be there. If you take out a subscription to Special Event Magazine, Richard Aaron's influence will be there.

Richard is an incredibly dynamic and positive speaker. I kid you not!  Richard will light a flame under you so hot you will want to go out and conquer the world.  I could go on and on, but the main thing is, DON'T MISS RICHARD AARON.


Rouse At  IBA Convention



    For private or semi-private, custom classes with personal attention to your particular needs, contact the Rouses directly at 1.877.GO.ROUSE  toll free or at .  These sessions may be arranged before, during or after the IBA Convention in Chicago on a first come first served basis exclusive of regular convention class times.  *(Class Bonus:  Class participants receive coupon good for 15% discount on any RMS products from our Custom Shop purchased during your class or during IBA Convention from Rouse International.)

    The Rouses will head up the IBA Pre-Convention Decor Workshop beginning at 9:00 a.m. on February 21, at the Stevens Convention Center Board Room.  This is a hands-on opportunity you don't want to miss. We welcome any and all who would like to join in the fun and have a cool learning experience.  For those registered for the IBA Convention, the workshop is free; for all others, the cost is only $100.  The Workshop includes decor notes.   Please let us and/or Marty (866.413.7358) know you are coming.  *
    (Class Bonus:  Class participants receive first opportunity to buy RMS used for Lobby decor at 30% discount. To reserve your RMS call 1.877.GO.ROUSE or write )

  • EASY "2D" SCULPTURES   ( IBA Class Sessions: 1-H & 3-H )

    Double your pleasure, double your fun.......... and QUADRUPLE YOUR PROFITS!!!...... with easy, "2D", cut out balloon figures, characters, and shapes. Life-sized. No rigid frameworks. Easy rig. Come on out and play with us.   *(Class Bonus:  Class participants receive coupon good for 15% discount any RMS Banners from our Custom Shop purchased during IBA Convention from Rouse International)

  • SUPER GRAPHICS GALA BACKDROP   ( IBA Class Sessions: 5-B & 6-E and more until completed )

    Help create an "ooohhh aaahhh" Super Graphic for the IBA Gala. Learn how the Rouses generate ideas, translate them into balloon designs, and use time-saving systems for production. You can do it too!  *(Class Bonus:  Class participants receive first opportunity to buy RMS used for Backdrop at 30% discount.) To  reserve your RMS call 1.877.GO.ROUSE or write


  • PUFFED HEARTS   ( IBA Class Sessions: 4-F & 9-G )

    Forget all that aluminum rod, wire mesh and tape, not to mention storage space. Learn how to make a Puffed Heart the easy way!!! "Puff up" your profits with just 312 balloons, some RMS and a little bit of Love...... and you've got a "good thing". What are you waiting for?   *(Class Bonus:  Class participants receive discount coupon good for 20% discount on RMS Puffed Hearts purchased during IBA Convention from Rouse International)


* NOTE: Only one discount applies per purchase (Discounts from different classes may not be combined for greater % discount.)





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