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      Published By Rouse International LLC ......... Issue #2009-08 ... August 2009  
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rounded end cap for article title bar RAG$ TO RICHES - Learning To Earn More With RMS!  

Hands-On learning with Rouse Matrix - Recently there have been more and more hands-on opportunities to learn to earn with Rouse Matrix Systems. And more are coming.


  • July-2009 in Clemson, SC.
    • We built our own football stadium backdrop thirty feet long and set up a photo opportunity with two larger than life football figures and a "Tigers" banner. ("Tigers" are the resident university team.) And there was much more.
    • Eduardo Seiti, from Brazil, lead an extra day of classes that included the giant flower to the right that he made with Rouse Matrix Hearts.
... five foot flower made with Rouse Matrix hearts and qualatex five inch balloons by Eduardo Seiti


  • Sept. 27- Oct 1, 2009 in Clemson, SC
    • Visit RAG$ 21009-09 info pages for details and registration form for the next RouseABOUT Graphics Seminar.
    • You will learn the basics that get you certified as a RouseABOUT Graphics Graduate.
    • You will also learn some brand new Rouse balloon decorating technology. It is so unique it is patented, so easy you can train your help in minutes, so valuable you will receive a written license to use it.
  A thirty foot Vikiing ship make with Rouse Matrix Builders and balloons
This thirty foot viking ship was made in Rouse classes with Rouse Matrix Builders at The Qualatex Event - Norway
rounded end cap for article title bar NOW THAT IS FAST!  

That is the rate Eduardo Seiti was able to load a string of 52 Link-O-Loon balloons into a set of Rouse Matix Builders at our most recent RouseABOUT Graphics Seminar.

He used a Rouse patented technique we call "Speed Graphics". It is one more technique we teach you and license you to use with RMS to make your balloon graphics, sculpture and decor more profitable.

Try to beat his record at our next hands-on RAG$ To RICHES Seminar in September 2009.

rounded end cap for article title bar NOW THAT IS NEAT, LIGHT & STRONG!  
football figures made with rouse matrix and balloons ..

These two, six foot football figures are neat guys that are both light weight and strong. They are made with a Rouse patented double layer technique that we teach you and license you to use with Rouse Matrix frameworks.

The figures are light enough and strong enough to suspend easily with magnets. When you want to stand the figures on the ground instead; the double layer technique gives a space between layers to insert a vertical pole attached to a base plate.

These examples were made by two of our most recent RouseABOUT Graphics graduates. And, they are also two of our newest Rouse Matrix distributors. Welcome on board Sandra Moriera and Sylvia Santos. (More to come.)

If you like these designs, write us for the plans ( If enough people ask, we will create them as custom Matrix shapes so you do not have to cut them out yourselves.

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Thanks for being one of our RouseABOUT Readers. You receive this newsletter because you are a respected member of the International Balloon Community. We would love to hear from you with your ideas, feedback, pictures and news. Contact us by phone (877-GO-ROUSE) fax: (864-654-4051) or