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      Published By Rouse International LLC ......... Issue #2010-06 ... August 2010  
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BALLOONstitue - Las Vegas - 2010

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BALLOONstitute - Las Vegas - 2010 convention
August 10-11, 2010 and
Alternajam August 9, 2010


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The Impossible Will Be Happening
August 10-11, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  *

Due to the recent challenges experienced by Diamond Jam and Summer Balloon Camp, The BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas was quickly formed to help all those who have lost the ability to attend such an event. Las Vegas WILL be having Balloon Education at very little cost to those affected by the unfortunate closing of the aforementioned conventions.

The BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas is not associated in any way with Diamond Jam, Summer Balloon Camp, BSH, LLC or their producers, members and associated entities.

There will be:

  • Classes
  • Class notebook
  • Exhibitors
  • Meals
  • Lots of fun

ALSO: AlternaJam August 9, 2010

Please join the Twister community as they “Jam the Night Away” at The Tuscany Suites & Casino from Noon to 10 PM. AlternaJam has been formed by Todd Neufeld, Don Caldwell and Tawney Bubbles separately from BALLOONstitue and we hope you will join them to add to your BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas experience.

Visit their brand new Web site for more important details at .

as we embark together on this improbable journey in the desert in just a few short weeks.

The BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas
is also open to anyone looking for world-class education to enhance their business skills. The kindness of our Sponsors is also helping to underwrite your entrance fee as well.

You Pay Only:

ANY Prepaid in Full
Summer Balloon Camp 2010 & Diamond Jam 2010 registrant
(with proof of registration at SBC 2010 or DJ 2010)

  • Just $29.00* per day per person for BALLOONstitute 2010 registration
  • Only $49.00* for the two-day experience of BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas.

Any Others Attendees

  • Just $89.00 per day per person*
  • Only $149.00* for the two-day experience of BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas.

These fees have been wholly subsidized with grant money pledged by all of our Sponsors for this event. BALLOONstitute – Las Vegas is most grateful for our Sponsors concern and willingness to help support fellow balloon professionals in a time of need.

Your Registration Includes:

  • All Classes
  • Class notes
  • Vendor exhibitors
  • Lunch each day

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We are closing in on the last three months until midterm elections in the USA.

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