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Rouse Matrix Halloween balloon pumpkins roll out of the largest pumpkin ..;lkjh ........................
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Title bar "Pumpkin In The Field"
Title bar "Mr. Bat E. Bat"
PIcture of pumpkin with grass around

"Pumpkin In The Field"

© G. Rouse 2009

Skill Level: RMS™ Intermediate

General Instructions:

There are two popular sizes for this Halloween balloon display.

  1. Use 4 RMS™ Builder Panels with 11" balloons to make this 18' wide by 6' tall.

  2. Use 3 RMS™ Banner Panels with 5" balloons to make this 9' wide by 3' tall.

In either size you use the same number of balloons:

  • (93)   Green

  • (68)   Orange

  • (21)   Black

The larger design works well for floor display to enhance your Halloween themed event.  You can make it stand up without additional hardware if you curve the display and tape the bottom strap of the Matrix to the floor in a number of places.

The smaller display works well for table top display.  You might use it in a booth setting, behind a Halloween food buffet or just to enhance the atmosphere for a party. The smaller size is just as easy to stand up.


"Mr. Bat E. Bat"

© G. Rouse 2009

Skill Level: RMS™ Beginner

General Instructions:

You can make this 6' Halloween balloon bat with:

  • 2 RMS™ Banner Panels (1 package)

  • (93) 5" Black Balloons

  • (2)   5" Red Balloons

If you want an even larger bat you can create a 12' version with:

  • ( 4)   RMS™ Builder Panels (2 packages)

  • (93)  11" Black Balloons

  • (  2)    5" Red Balloons




Title Bar

 "The Witch In The Moon"

Rouse Matrix Witch in the Moon Halloween balloon decoration
Here is a more elaborate version of "The Witch In The Moon".
Skill Level: RMS™ Intermediate

General Instructions:

  1. Use 9 RMS™ Banner Panels (2 come in each package).
  2. Connect them 3 panels wide by 3 panels tall.
  3. Fill in the 689 yellow, 169 Black and 1 white 5" Balloons.
  4. Cut around the design with scissors.
  5. Cable tie a couple of braces across the back.
  6. Hang the bewitched moon or stand it up with 2 pipes and bases.

The plans for this design include the witch, but the witch does not really fly into place. Plans do include the 9' diameter balloon moon with the  6' balloon witch pictured to the right. To the left is a more elaborate version.

Picture of Witch on the moon

"The Witch In The Moon"
© G. Rouse 2009
Skill Level: RMS™ Intermediate

"BOO-tiful" Halloween Designs By RouseABOUT Graphics Grads

Rouse Matrix Halloween decorations scene with RMS & balloon cat, fence and pumpkins
Here is a Rouse Matrix Halloween decoration scene built by students as part of a RouseABOUT Graphics Seminar in Las Vegas.
Rouse Matrix Halloween balloon decorations six foot bat
Thanks to Treva Hart of Del City, OK and friends for this double layer RMS™ balloon Mr. Bat E. Bat with added touches like the feet and fangs and ear trim.
Rouse Matrix halloween balloon decorations with RMS balloon pumpkins and fence
Thanks to Sandra Moreira of U S Art Balloons for this photo of a Rouse Matrix balloon fence loaded with RMS™ pumpkins. The happy balloon scarecrow seems to be in charge.
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